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For those of you who don’t know, DirectAdmin is a web-hosting manager, rivaling cPanel. It boasts many amazing features- including enhanced speed, security, and ease of use. One of the things that was never brought to the surface for this amazing technology is: an iPhone app. The panel itself loads in seconds on a Safari browser in the iPhone, but there’s no actual app to manage tasks designed for the iPhone/iPod interface.

A little while ago, I heard about DirectAdmin for iPhone. Finally, an app to take care of my DA (DirectAdmin) on my iPod/iPhone!
First Impressions:

The app loads rather quickly, and first asks you to login to your DA account. Once you’re logged in (it doesn’t take too long), you’re presented with a unique interface for managing your DirectAdmin installation. Pretty much everything is within reach, and you can change your access level as you wish (depending on what privileges you have). The graphics are quite nice, and all features seem to be adapted to the iPhone interface.

User Access Level, and a wonderful display of the UI.
What’s good:

Having mobile access over my DirectAdmin installation is quite awesome. I can manage my DNS records, FTP accounts, restart services with ease, change passwords, delete accounts, manage IPs, monitor the system- pretty much everything imaginable. The interface is well streamlined- and shows that a lot of work was probably put into whatever was made behind the app. It loads quickly and supports iOS 4 multitasking, so I race with cars, check email or even update my Twitter while managing my DirectAdmin installation. Access Levels switch almost instantly, and everything seems quite secure. Email accounts can be created and managed with a few taps. Webmail can be viewed with the integrated browser. Even if you’re not a DA administrator, you’ll still get great use out of this app. Even the icon is well styled!

What’s not so good:

The $14.99 price tag may seem quite intimidating at first. After a while though, the app becomes quite worthwhile and the $14.99 you spent becomes a thing of the past. Also, the key thing I didn’t like is the lack of a file manager built in. That would totally but the cherry on top of this app. Mobile editing of files is a great feature to have, and what else- oh, maybe a nicer, more professional background. Not really sure what that could be, maybe a grainy grey, or a blue fading gradient.

The administrator access level.
In the End:

In the end, this app is definitely a must have for any DirectAdmin Administrator, reseller, or hosting user. The features all make it worthwhile, and it’s time DirectAdmin got some noticeability in the iPhone world! :) The advantages totally outweigh the price tag. So, do me a favor and go to iTunes and buy this gem! And while you’re at it- follow them on Twitter and spread the love!

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